Thursday, December 19, 2013

Realistic Expectations Work Better.

Have you ever noticed that people just don’t make tough decisions until the last minute? I know I wait – hoping for something to happen that makes the tough decision unnecessary. Sometime I just wait for time to force my hand. Somehow it’s not as scary jumping when you feel you have no other choice. We’re anxiously awaiting yet another tough decision from Congress. The news channels have us whipped into a frenzy of concern that the country might be coming to an end. Actually, they just want us to stay tuned so that more viewers watch the ads that pay their bills. Why are we again surprised that Congress will not make a compromise until the last minute? When it comes to money, we tend to forget about human behavior. When it comes to Congress, we expect them to put their human behaviors aside and act magnanimously. Realistic expectations work better.

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