Thursday, July 21, 2016

There have always been tumultuous events. How you react to them is what really matters.

For most people, action is the antidote to anxiety. However, taking action is usually the wrong thing to do when you're a long-term investor. And, investor doubts are especially prevalent during presidential election years.
To help you stick to your long-term investment goals, even during the current political scene, consider the following:

→ Successful long-term investors stay the course and rely on time rather than timing. 

→ Investment success depends more on the strength and resilience of the American economy than on which candidate or party holds office. 

Working closely with experienced investment professionals who have you best interest in mind is the first step to helping reach your long-term goals. 

Long-term investing should be based on your lifetime and not what's happening in the news.

Don't forget that it is inherently in the media's best interest to fixate on the negative because it sells more advertisements. 

"Headlines, in a way, are what mislead you because bad news is a headline, and gradual improvement is not."

Bill Gates