Thursday, December 19, 2013

Process is Important!

Process is important.  Let’s repeat that, process is important.  If you are a like me this is hard to accept. I’m a quick start, give me an idea and boom I’m off to do it! While this works some of the time I have learned that process is very important, especially in investing and retirement planning. Having a process allows you to track your progress. It also allows you to identify things that work well, and things that don’t work well. With no process in place, how can we be sure that we are growing for the better? Recently, I spent three days in Los Angeles with a mutual fund company learning about their process which has been developed since 1931. At Selah, we love process because it allows us to grow and learn so that we can better serve you. Ask us about our process anytime, but be prepared because we will ask you about yours as well.

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