Thursday, December 19, 2013

All Doctors Are Not Alike

My doctor is as old as dirt. He knows all kinds of old wives tricks and doesn’t like to write prescriptions. I have trusted and respected him for 20 years. It is easier to see the difference in doctors because we give them titles that reflect their knowledge. There are general practitioners and surgeons; young, new doctors and experienced practitioners. It is relatively easy to sort out doctors. The same is not true for financial professionals. We all make up our titles and so many are financial advisors, wealth managers or, the new hot title, retirement income specialists. One financial advisor is not like the other. Some are general practitioners, while others specialize. Some service hundreds of families and have a lot of experience, while others are just getting started in the business. Some do only the required continuing education while others spend time and money making sure they are well informed. Vetting a financial advisor to figure out who is right for you is a challenge. Truth be told, we often resort to picking based on personality. I don’t pick doctors solely on personality. I rely on well-trusted recommendations. I ask my pickiest friends about their service providers before going at it alone. How do you pick your doctors?

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