Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Exceptional Service

Why do we often cringe at the thought of having to call a customer service center and ask for help? Haven’t we all been through the call center experience where we’ve received less than stellar service?  What makes Selah different?

I believe good service starts with a servant’s heart.  Those individuals possess character traits of respect, kindness and willingness to be of service to others.  They are also leaders who take ownership of tasks and are able to create successful outcomes.  We seek to hire exceptional, unique and special people who embody this kind of character.  To make great service happen we also surround ourselves with exceptional, high quality industry professionals.  Everyone at Selah will know about you, your circumstances and your accounts.  As you move through the process of setting up your investments you will begin to establish relationships with us, not just with our advisors, but with the entire service team.   We look forward to delivering a positive service experience for you.  Give us a call any time.