Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Not Too Big For The Small Table

It is often said a small business is like a family. Likewise the break-room table is much akin to the family dining room. The typical family, stretching their collective imagination to its limit, could never imagine their favorite rock star, movie star, athlete or politician stopping by for dinner and a few laughs. Much the same, the typical small financial services company would not expect a portfolio manager from the largest mutual fund in the world to spend an hour and a half at the break-room table discussing investments with an audience of nine people.  Yet today we had the pleasure of having a portfolio manager, accompanied by an investment analyst, and a wholesaler, do just that. It’s probably reasonable to assume a large and lavish conference room filled with plush chairs, power suits and power ties is a more typical environment for such an impressive trio. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm for the discussion in our everyday break room was top shelf and they seemed right at home in our familial digs. A visit like this is solid evidence in the confirmation of two things: we are doing things the right way and so are they.